The thing about coffee – why we love it so much

When it comes to coffee, many of us have a love-love relationship with it. steaming pot of coffee Meaning, even when it’s bad, it is still kind of good.  Of course we may prefer a good brew and blend but if all that is available is day-old mystery blend that’s been reheated from the campfire…well…

So what is it about coffee that we find so pleasing?  And when does it happen?  I can’t recall meeting any cowpoke  who adores coffee prior to around the age of 15.  There has been quite a bit of research done to ascertain exactly what the obsession is surrounding this brown liquid.

When most people are introduced to coffee, many often pleasant memories are produced.  The smell of coffee in the morning, during meals, as grandma chats with her friends playing cards.  The memory is different for everyone, but the concept is the same.  Distinct aromas accompanied with good feelings pave the way for the future coffee drinker cattle wrangler.

Often, when coffee is first actually consumed, it is loaded with cream and sugar to soften the bitterness flavor that comes from roasting the beans.  Even the most meticulous roast carries these bitter undertones.  As babies, we are biologically programmed to like ‘sweet’ flavors, in order to crave our mother’s milk.  Soon after, we begin to admire ‘salty’ flavors, as more foods are introduced into our diets (and beef jerky is a staple, afterall).  ‘Sour’ and ‘bitter’ are more of an acquired programming that takes place as our palates become more adventurous.  

A large part of drinking coffee isn’t only about the flavor, but how the olfactory system works in conjunction with taste buds.  As warm steam rises through the sinuses with each sip, a pleasurable response is produced in association with the smell.  

Regardless of why you drink coffee – be it for the flavor, the smell, or the caffeinated boost, know you are not alone in the coffee pleasure zone.  We tip our hats to you, coffee lover.

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