Cowboy Coffee, Cowgirl Style

When icowgirl coffee girlst comes to coffee…or anything for that matter, why should boys have all the fun? They shouldn’t. Girls can have a piece of the java action, too. However, girls and boys are different – for reasons apart from the obvious boobs and butts.

When brewing a cup of coffee for the cowgirl in your life (I’m talking to you, cowboy – or cowgirl, we don’t judge) take some extra time and sweeten the gesture. There are a few things you can add to your Cowboy Coffee that add a little something-something for your special someone.

Cinnamon: add a sprinkle of cinnamon directly into your coffee and brew as usual. This will add a touch of sweet and let her know that everyday with her is just like Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa – no judging).

Nutmeg: Similar to cinnamon in its personality, but a bit more…nutty. The spicy sweetness of the nutmeg in coffee goes a long way, so a little dash will do ya.

-All of the extracts: Vanilla, almond, raspberry, amaretto…there is a virtual never ending list of extracts available. Depending on her taste, a few drops can add some extra flavor to her coffee. Mix them together in a freshly brewed cup for her own special blend.

Butter: Wait, what? Yes, butter. Add a hunk of butter into a steaming cup of Cowboy Coffee. The theory is that this buttery concoction will boost energy levels for the entire day.

Booze: While a shot in the cup may not be suitable for everyday (oh wait, for your cowgirl it is!), booze can be a great addition to a cup of joe. Rum, Irish liquor, schnapps, and many more can be added to your girls cup for a little kick.

Ice cream: What says love like ice cream? Nothing. Perfect for a hot summer day, turn your cowgirls cup into a dessert of creamy goodness. Any flavor will work, just brew as usual, scoop, and serve.

Maple syrup: We prefer the actual syrup, and not the processed kind, but whatever you choose, this addition gives your girl’s coffee a touch of maple sweetness. Pair it with some homemade waffles or biscuits and gravy it the morning. Don’t forget the bacon-if she doesn’t like bacon, she’s not a cowgirl and does not deserve maple syrup in her cup.

Cowgirl coffee does not need to be fancy or complicated. Just add little something extra to show her that you care. Or do it for yourself, cowgirls. You deserve it. Whatever the case, get up, make a cup of Cowboy Coffee, and get to savoring life, y’all.