Cowboy Coffee Is So Easy – a Caveman Can Do It

steaming pot of coffeeYou like the idea of living life without regret, and will do what it takes to do just that. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty and live without boundaries. Most importantly, you have a love for a good cup of coffee like no other. You, my friend, are a cowboy in the modern day. You want to wake up in the morning, or come home after a busy day and have a fantastic cup of coffee.

Do you wrangle cattle? Probably not. Does it matter? Nope. Cowboy coffee offers the kick you need along with the modern yet rustic lifestyle that you crave.

“But…it will be so hard to do!” Pffsht. No. Creating the perfect cup of Cowboy Coffee is actually so easy, a caveman can do it. Or modern man. Or modern woman. Or dog (if they had thumbs). You get the idea. It’s stupid simple, and will only take you a time or two to not only perfect, but to create the taste and strength that is perfect for you. Proceed accordingly:

Water. Great coffee starts with water. It doesn’t have to be great water, but the worse the water, the more coffee you will need to offset those unsavory watery-like-qualities. For the sake of this blog, we will assume that your water is average tap water. Use about 6 cups. Pour in pot. Place on stove. Turn on medium.

Coffee. After a few minutes, when the water is just over room temperature, add your ground Cowboy Coffee. Around ¼ of a cup works well for this amount of water – add more for stronger, less for weaker, but this will get you to the middle of the road.

Cowboy coffee potHeat. Leave the water and coffee on medium heat until it boils. The coffee grounds will sink to the bottom as the water warms. Once boiling, let it roll for around 5 minutes. We prefer the lid on the pot…it’s faster that way, and less water is lost to evaporation.

Serve. Pour gently into the tin cup or mug of your choice. You don’t have to be that gentle. Just don’t agitate the settled grounds into the water. Unless you like the grounds in your cup. Which is ok, too. The coffee will be a bit cloudy. This is completely normal and does not affect the overall flavor of the coffee. In fact, it has a certain richness that you will not find in filtered coffees.

That’s it. So easy. A caveman can do it.